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Transforming Marriages: Our Journey with CoupleStrong

A Crisis in Love

"Marriage mentoring has never been more crucial." This bold statement isn't just an opinion; it's a reality we've witnessed firsthand. Join us on our journey with CoupleStrong, where we've discovered the power of mentoring in transforming relationships.

From Connection to Collaboration

Our story began with a simple Facebook connection in 2016 with Myron Walker, leading to a pivotal dinner in Newport, Arkansas. This encounter opened doors to new possibilities in marriage mentoring, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic.

A Legacy Reimagined

Taking the reins of the Ministry Couples Retreat, a legacy since 1955, we realized something vital was missing: continuous support. This gap led us to Dare to be Different (D2bD). After profound reflection and prayer, we decided to become certified with D2bD, setting out to empower marriages beyond the retreats.

Redefining Marriage Support

Marriage mentoring is not just an alternative to clinical therapy; it's a journey of mutual growth and understanding. Our approach is unique: it's structured yet personalized, addressing each couple's unique challenges, from pre-marital doubts to the brink of divorce. We're here not just to mentor but to journey with you.

Efficiency with Depth

Contrary to prolonged therapy, our mentoring makes a transformative impact in just 10-12 sessions. Our goal? To transition from formal mentoring to a lasting friendship, always knowing when to guide couples towards professional help if needed.

CoupleStrong: A Mission of Hope

At CoupleStrong, our mission transcends mere advice; we aim to build legacies. We've seen how the health of a ministry couple's marriage can ripple across communities, uplifting or unsettling many. We're not just strengthening bonds; we're fostering community resilience.

Invitation to a Stronger Bond

Your marriage, whether under ministry pressure or not, deserves to thrive. Our CoupleStrong program offers more than strategies; it offers a pathway to a happier, healthier, and holier union. If our journey resonates with you, reach out to us at with "CoupleStrong" in the subject. Let's build this legacy together.

Blessings and strength, Jeff

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