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New Horizons in Our Ministry: Music, Marriage, and More

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Since Cindy and I embarked on this mission in 2022, we've felt God's continual call to delve deeper into our ministry. He has revealed several crucial aspects of our ministry that we'd like to go ahead and share with you.

First up, this blog is about to get busier and deeper. I plan to leverage my strengths to deliver content that brings value in four main areas: Marriage & Family, Practical Ministry, all things Music, and "More" (e.g., entrepreneurship, academics, architecture, alternative building, sustainability, chess, and other deep interests).

Second up - and we're super jazzed about this one - is Marriage Mentoring. Thanks to a recommendation from one of our supporters over in North Carolina, we've partnered up with the folks at Love & Respect and Dare to be Different. This initiative extends the Ministry Couples Retreat program that we inherited last Fall but also is a service we're excited to offer our local community.

Lastly, the Lord started calling me into Music Ministry during high-school. For the past 35 years, music composition, performance, instruction, and production have been my constant companions. On 9/11 the Lord called me away from my professional pursuits in the music industry and into using my expertise in acapalla music as a way to get the Gospel to prison audiences, which led to nearly 20-years of service as a prison missionary (another story for another time). However, in 2018, God reintroduced music into my life as a key part of my recovery from a life-altering TBI. Over these past 5-years he has confirmed repeatedly that Music is an essential gift that I must pour out into culture. Despite sometimes feeling inadequate as a performer and composer, I am committed to recording and releasing music again with renewed purpose.

While I'm putting these updates into this site as quickly as possible, you can find some older works through a Google search of my name. My goal is to bring expand to include separate sections that organize these areas and to promote, promote, promote. In the meantime, if you have any questions or topics you'd like me to explore, please leave a comment or join our mailing list, and I will address them.



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