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How Much is a pre-Pandemic Strategy Costing You?

Most churches struggle to create strategic experiences that connect with members.

When your strategy is no longer relevant …

  • Members leave and never return

  • Leadership sessions shift the focus from spiritual to financial matters

  • You don’t get feedback to help you know if your lessons are even heard

  • Nobody asks questions in class

  • Members fail to build lasting and spiritually-focused relationships

  • You struggle with your own sense of belonging and effectiveness

Strategy should be simple and it should work. Most people don’t know how to unleash spiritual growth in others. Instead, they use outdated methods to prescribe solutions for problems that may not even exist. Learn the Conversational Christianity Framework and cultivate relevant interactions that lead to the spiritual growth for which you’ve hoped.

Pastor Giving a Sermon
As a servant of the Lord’s church, I am always concerned with the effect the world has on The Body. We live in an increasingly volatile and unpredictable time. I want to be more proactive in this war over the souls and families in our care. I don’t want to constantly run around putting out avoidable fires. Satan always benefits from weakened and strained relationships - establishing open lines of trust and communication helps to mitigate these struggles.

Timothy H - Preacher


During 19-years of prison missionary service, Jeff honed the Conversational Christianity Framework to help inmates overcome the dehumanization that comes from state-mandated social-distancing.

Who is Jeff Kreh?

  • College co-founder/president (2015-)

  • Humanities doctorate (PhD, Faulkner, 2015)

    • expertise: Learning, Liberty, & Leadership

  • Practical Ministry masters (MMin, Harding, 2009)

    • expertise: Spiritual Abuse & Recovery

  • PreK-12 co-founder/board chair (2006-2011)

  • Certified Religious Advisor (2004-)

  • Prison Missionary (sponsored from 2004-2022)

  • Husband (1998-) 


Jeff and Cindy - along with their 3 kids, 4 cats, & that old dog "Scamp" - live in Central Arkansas. A former pro-musicianatheist, and serial entrepreneur, Jeff came to Christ in 2004 and embraced prison ministry. 

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