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Romance in Nature
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reDiscover each other at Christ on the River

Build a stronger marriage and deepen your faith through a transformative off-grid experience

Our Unique Offering: The Synergy of MCR & CotR

The pandemic highlighted the restorative power of nature, reaffirming it as vital for our well-being rather than a mere luxury (The Ecologist). The benefits of natural settings, especially amidst crisis and stress, are undeniable (PubMed).

The Ministry Couples Retreat (MCR) and Christ on the River (CotR) uniquely leverage this essence of nature. The resulting symbiotic alliance nurtures the mental, marital, and ministerial health of Christian ministry couples and pioneers a new standard for retreat centers.

MCR: a Tailored Event for Ministry Couples

MCR is unique event for Christian ministry couples that offers confidential, in-person, and customized experiences to address their unique challenges. Top-tier hospitality, facilitated conversations that foster connections, and an emphasis on the ministry spouse enhance the mental, marital, and ministerial health of these couples.

CotR: a Dedicated Events Center for Christian Couples

Once completed, CotR will host Christ-centered events (e.g., weddings, concerts, getaways, MCR, etc.). Architecturally designed  for seclusion and relaxation, this nature-rich, off-grid center will set a new standard for couples retreats. CotR provides an intimate and high-quality experience, fostering revitalization and connection amid natural tranquility.


A Sustainable Business Model

The MCR+CotR bond goes beyond mere event hosting. CotR's for-profit activities support MCR, which in turn boosts CotR through word-of-mouth. Because CotR clients may also nominate deserving ministry couples to attend MCR, this unique dual-referral model sustains the growth of both entities. Hence, your CotR investment creates a sought-after getaway and events hub for Christian couples and retreat facilitators while ensuring steady support for MCR. The outcome is a sustainable, community-beneficial enterprise uniquely placed within Christian ministry and couples circles.

The Eternally Virtuous Cycle

The synergy between MCR and CotR is designed to create a ripple effect of enduring impact. MCR alumni, enriched by their experiences, naturally become ambassadors for both MCR and CotR, driving genuine word-of-mouth advertising that's invaluable for CotR's business growth. Even more important than potential business success is that the insights and enhanced mental, marital, and ministerial health they gain are transferred back into their ministry contexts and peer relationships, acting as a significant lever for benefiting the Kingdom and its endeavors.

In return, CotR's success ensures a permanent, high-quality home for MCR events, laying a solid groundwork for its mission of nurturing Christian ministry couples. This isn't merely good business; it's an investment with potential returns both in this life and for eternity.

Together, MCR and CotR create a virtuous cycle of support, sustainability, and service, destined to leave a lasting legacy of positive change in individuals, communities, and potentially, across generations. This unique business model not only stands as a testament to innovative, community-beneficial enterprise but also as an example of what's possible when business and ministry collaborate for greater good.

Donate to Support our Ministry Couples Retreat

Did You Know?

A study by the Francis A. Schaeffer Institute found that 65% of ministers feel like they live in a "glass house," always under scrutiny. Meanwhile, the Fuller Institute of Church Growth found that 70% of ministers lack a close friend, leading to 84% feeling isolated, alongside their spouses. The distress doesn't end there: 50% would leave their ministry if they could; 77% are in troubled marriages; and 80% of ministry spouses feel unappreciated by their church..

"An unhealthy couple affects every facet of the congregation in unseen ways..." especially when they're stretched thin in ministry.​

—Chris S., MCR Alumnus

Imagine a World Where ...

Your minister and their spouse feel appreciated, their marriage blossoms—inspiring the community—and they lead a fulfilling ministry that encourages others to participate and give. Picture them enjoying genuine connections, understanding friends, and feeling valued and capable in meeting congregational expectations.

You Don't Need to Imagine Such a World

It already exists. Since 1955, numerous ministry couples have found encouragement, connections, and enhanced mental, marital, and ministerial health through MCRs. From reigniting marital bonds to strengthening ministry resilience, MCRs bolster Ministry Couples, benefiting everyone they touch.

Empower Ministry Couples Today
Your tax-deductible donation provides a sanctuary of renewal for ministry couples. Each gift revitalizes their service, enriching the community. By donating today, you're nurturing a tradition of care with enduring positive ripple effects.

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Invest to Build a Destination for Couples

Investment Overview

CotR introduces a fresh retreat center model. This vision needs funding for land and construction, which provides a unique early-stage investment opportunity.

Investment Merits

Your investment transcends a  mere transaction. CotR's dual-referral business model promotes sustainable revenue streams to build community-beneficial cycles.


Consider these strategic investment advantages:


Community Impact: Creating a venue for personal and memorable experiences is smart business. Satisfied guests boost our reputation, encouraging return visits and referrals.

Revenue Stability: Diverse revenue streams ensure financial stability. This is reinforced by word-of-mouth from satisfied MCR alumni and CotR guests.


Organic GrowthWord-of-mouth and our referral model support organic growth. As CotR's reputation grows, so does the potential for increased bookings and expanded impact.


Lasting Legacy: Your investment initiates a ripple effect. Establishing a sought-after retreat and events hub creates a legacy of community impact and spiritual growth.

Investment Invitation

This is your chance to back a visionary project specially designed for profound community impact through a sustainable, profitable, and replicable business model. This opportunity offers more than just CotR and MCR's potential; you'll champion a solid business approach that fosters spiritual and relational renewal among Christian couples.

Your Getaway: A Dual Purpose


Escape to a tranquil retreat at Christ on the River (CotR), where luxury intertwines with a noble cause. Every booking at CotR not only promises an exquisite escape but also contributes to a grander purpose.

Indulge in Tranquility

Nestled amidst pristine nature, CotR aspires to be a sanctuary of tranquility and luxury. Imagine waking to the gentle murmur of the river, exploring the wilderness by day, and retreating to a cozy, well-appointed cabin by night. Every comfort, from high-quality amenities to personalized services, is curated to offer you a luxurious and revitalizing experience.

Support a Noble Cause

Every reservation at CotR extends beyond a personal retreat. A portion of the proceeds from your stay directly supports the mission of Ministry Couples Retreat (MCR). This unique model allows us to host events that nurture the spiritual and relational well-being of ministry couples. By choosing CotR for your getaway, you're not only securing a tranquil escape but also empowering a ministry dedicated to enriching the lives of those serving in Christian ministry.

A Legacy of Impact

Your retreat at CotR is part of a legacy of positive impact. The symbiotic relationship between CotR and MCR fosters community, service, and spiritual growth. As you relish the tranquil beauty and luxury CotR provides, you partake in a larger mission, contributing to a cycle of support and enrichment within the Christian community. Your stay ensures that while you create cherished memories, you're also creating a nurturing space for ministry couples, extending the cycle of blessings.

Unwind, rejuvenate, and resonate with a cause. Your stay at CotR is not just a retreat; it's a chance to create ripple effects of positive change, both personally and within the broader Christian community. Experience a getaway with a purpose, where luxury meets legacy in a seamless blend of relaxation and altruism.


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